Welcome to BOMBOT

Welcome to our website.Thank you for using our products and services (“App”). By accessing our website and using our Application, you agree to the terms of service provided by MIDEAS Technology Corporation. Please check back often for our changes and carefully read the terms below:

1. Use our app

You may use our application only if you can form a legally binding contract with MIDEAS Technology Corporation and comply with the terms and all applicable laws. When creating a BOMBOT account, you must provide accurate and complete information. No unauthorized use of our Application. We may suspend or discontinue the Application if you do not comply with the terms or policies. Your use of the Application does not mean that you own any intellectual property rights in our Application or the content you access. Do not remove, obscure or alter any legal notices displayed in or in conjunction with our App. We may send you service notices, administrative messages and other information in connection with your use of the Application.

2. Your account

MIDEAS Technology Joint Stock Company allows you to post content to BOMBOT, including images, comments, links and other materials. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights you have in such content. Any content you post or publish on BOMBOT is referred to as “User Content”. You reserve all rights and are solely responsible for the User Content you post on BOMBOT. Customers can refer to the payment methods in these terms and choose to apply accordingly

3. General trading conditions

a. General payment

The prices of products and services at BOMBOT include VAT.

MIDEAS Technology Joint Stock Company reserves the right to update and change service package prices from time to time. The rate change will take effect at the time you start your subscription to use the next service after the date of the rate change. By continuing to experience the service and make a transaction, you agree to accept the new price after it becomes effective.

b. Service delivery process

BOMBOT publishes service packages and corresponding fee schedule of each package right on the website http://bombot.vn/. The user makes a selection of the appropriate service package, payment method and confirmation of order creation. We will review your order and confirm service delivery immediately after receiving your payment.

In case the order is paid during office hours (from 8am on Monday to 12pm on Saturday): the order will be approved within 2 hours from the time BOMBOT receives your payment.

In case the order is paid outside of office hours, it will be approved within 4 – 8 hours from the time BOMBOT receives the payment.

After you complete the order, BOMBOT will email the details of the order to you. If you want to change any information in the order (service package, invoice information, …), please contact us via email [email protected] or hotline 028.6683.2134 for support.

c. Payment mechanism

In order to bring customers satisfaction when shopping experience and flexibility in payment, Bombot.vn provides the following payment methods:

  1. Payment via domestic ATM card.
  2. Payment via credit card, debit card.
  3. Bank transfer payment.
  4. Cash.

In case there is an error in payment, you are obliged to notify and provide verification documents for the payment transaction to MIDEAS Technology Joint Stock Company for inspection and processing. Specifically, the error cases arise from your bank or card.

d. Refund Policy

We always strive to better support your business with continuously upgraded software solutions. If there is anything you are not satisfied with and do not want to continue using, we are committed to refunding the cost to you in that month.

e. Scope and purpose of personal information collection

We will collect various information when you want to buy products on Bombot.vn. We collect, store and process your information for the purchase process and for future announcements and to provide services. Unlimited personal information: name, gender, date of birth, email, address, phone number, bank account details. You only provide us with accurate, non-misleading information and must notify us of any changes.

f. Scope of information use

Your information is only used in the management and business activities of BOMBOT and provided to the affiliated party. We only share collected information in necessary cases and as required by law to the following agencies, organizations and individuals:

  1. Payment intermediary: the bank you are using, in case there is an error when making a payment.
  2. Third party affiliated with BOMBOT. These third parties only have access to your personal data to perform these tasks on our behalf and are obligated not to disclose or use it for any other purpose.
  3. Competent state agencies.

4. Regulations on user transactions with third parties

BOMBOT is absolutely not responsible for all your transactions with third parties during the use of products and services at BOMBOT. When you use the product or transact with a third party, you understand and agree to be solely responsible for the risks that arise.

5. Prohibited conduct

Acts that do not comply with Vietnamese law. Members must not take advantage of the provision and use of services of BOMBOT to do the following:

  1. Destroying the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, causing harm to national security, disturbing social order and safety, sabotaging the great national unity bloc, propagating war, terrorism, and hatred. enmity and conflict between peoples, ethnicities and religions;
  2. Propagating and inciting violence, lewdness, debauchery, crimes, social evils, superstition, and sabotage of the nation’s fine customs and traditions;
  3. Propagating and inciting violence, lewdness, debauchery, crimes, social evils, superstition, and sabotage of the nation’s fine customs and traditions;
  4. Disclosing state secrets, military secrets, security, economic, foreign affairs and other secrets prescribed by law;
  5. Disseminating information that distorts, slanders or insults the reputation of the organization, the honor and dignity of the individual;
  6. Insulting, mocking others in any form (mocking, insulting, disparaging, discriminating against religion, gender, ethnicity, causing mutual hatred, etc.)
  7. Advertising, propagating, buying and selling prohibited goods and services. Disseminating journalistic, literary, artistic works and publications that are prohibited;
  8. Forging organizations and individuals and spreading fake information, untruthful information infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals.
  9. Illegally obstructing the provision and access of lawful information, the provision and use of lawful services on the Internet by organizations and individuals.
  10. Unauthorized use of passwords, cryptographic keys of organizations and individuals, private information, personal information and Internet resources.
  11. Creating unauthorized links to legitimate domain names of organizations and individuals. Create, install, distribute malware, computer viruses. Unauthorized intrusion, hijacking of information systems, creating attack tools on the Internet.
  12. Set an account with the name of famous people, the names of leaders of the Party and the State, names of individuals, criminal organizations, reactionaries, terrorists or accounts with unhealthy meanings, contrary to the law. custom.
  13. Copy, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license, change, modify or use any part of the service or any content.
  14. Disrupt, disable, engage in fraudulently or otherwise interfere with any part of the service, including security-related features or features.
  15. Distributing, spreading or promoting any activities to interfere, destroy or infiltrate the data of products, services provided or server systems.

6. Rights of BOMBOT

Provide services to the community, except for services prohibited by law;

If you provide any information that is not truthful, inaccurate, or if we have reason to suspect that the information is inaccurate, or if you violate any provision of this Agreement, we I reserve the right to temporarily suspend, terminate or delete your account without your consent and without any liability to you.

Any violation by the user in the process of using BOMBOT’s products and services, we have the right to take away all your rights to the use of products and services at BOMBOT, as well as request authorities intervene if necessary.

When detecting violations such as cheating (cheats), cracking (hacking) or stealing information (hacks) or other errors, we reserve the right to use the information you provide when registering for an account to transfer to competent authorities for settlement in accordance with law.

BOMBOT has the right to refuse to support and settle accounts with inaccurate and incomplete information and to accounts that violate its responsibility for account security.

7. Responsibilities of BOMBOT

Publicize the agreement to provide and use the service.

Responsible for supporting service users in the process of using products and services at BOMBOT.

Receive and resolve user complaints in the process of using BOMBOT’s products and services, however, we only support, receive and resolve for accounts that provide complete, honest and accurate information. corpse.

It is your responsibility to keep your personal information private, commit not to sell or exchange this information with third parties, except as required by law or approved by you.

Ensure your discretion in allowing your personal information to be provided to other organizations, businesses or individuals. However, in order to best protect your personal information, at BOMBOTi always warn you about the risks that this information can be accessed by bad objects beyond our control and You warrant that you accept these risks when sharing information.

Coordinate with competent state management agencies to remove or block information with content that violates the provisions of Article 5 of this agreement.

Provide personal information and private information of users related to terrorist activities, crimes, violations of the law at the request of competent state management agencies;

Report according to regulations and subject to inspection and examination by competent state management agencies.

8. Rights of service users

You may access and use the Service as provided to you, provided you comply with this agreement and applicable law.

You have the right to change, supplement and update personal information, account information, and password.

Have the right to decide in allowing your personal information to be provided to other organizations, businesses or individuals.

To be protected personal information, private information in accordance with the law when providing complete and accurate personal information as prescribed.

9. Release date

The agreement to provide and use services at BOMBOT is valid from October 21, 2021